Álvaro Díez: the tech rider

Álvaro Díez: the tech rider

July 20, 2022

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This time we took Álvaro Díez, a developer at PrimeIT Spain, for a little ride. His journey through tech has lasted for over two decades and it promises to continue headstrong towards success.

Álvaro, we heard that you crossed paths with technology for quite some time now. What made you choose this area?

Well, I started when I was studying at college. It was there that I got to know programming languages. Eventually, I got interested in websites and made my first ones on platforms like Geocities or Terra. Finally, I did a technical course called DAI (Development of Computer Applications) that ended up defining my current career as a web developer.

We know that you’ve been with Prime since 2018 but how did it all start?

I was working for several years in a small web manufacturing company of which I was a partner for the last 3 years. The business didn’t quite fit me, and I talked to a PrimeIT recruitment specialist who gave me a very good feeling, so I decided to go for that opportunity. I’ve always felt valued by PrimeIT and that the staff is well-connected. Especially during the start of the pandemic, I experienced a great sense of support and integration into the PrimeIT family in Spain. I am currently assigned to an investment data company, where I’ve been since April 2020.

What traits do you have that you think are indispensable for a successful career?

From my point of view, responsibility and attitude are fundamental. Also, self-management at work. I consider myself to be quite a responsible professional and, I like to think I´m also a reliable resource. Last but not least, technical knowledge. Although that is something that comes with experience and is only acquired over time.

A curious fact about yourself is that you are passionate about motorbikes. Tell us a little bit more about that.

Well, I like motorcycles and travelling, a lot. I have made several trips around Europe on a motorcycle, touring countries like Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, and Czech Republic. Always without a concrete plan, going with the flow and a bit of an adventure. This year my goal is to visit Berlin through the north of France and cross the Netherlands. It’s quite a few kilometres, but it’s worth it when you reach the destination and feel like a special traveller, like those adventurers of yesteryear.

Would you say your tech career has been like a long motorbike ride? Where do you see yourself heading next?

To be honest, I’ve been very lucky because I’ve been through some very interesting projects in the past. The complexity has shaped me as a programmer who is willing to take on any challenge. I would say that it could be defined as a long motorcycle ride, with a clear goal in mind, where the important thing is the route and not the destination. I think my future passes through being able to share my experience with other professionals, guiding and advising them.

What advice do you have for others that are trying to find their passion and build a strong career path?

First and foremost, I would tell them that attitude is everything. That experience and training are gained day by day and that the only comparison they should keep in mind is with their past “self”. The road to excellence is long and never-ending. On the other hand, they should always believe in teamwork and rely on the people around them, learning from everyone, whether they are beginners or not.