Tips for Successful Career Planning

Tips for Successful Career Planning

March 15, 2022

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Job benefits are some extra perks or incentives offered by an organization over and beyond the monthly salary. Career planning is considered by countless candidates as one advantage that companies can provide. Career management leads us to the institution of a defined path for the professional growth of employees throughout their activity within an organization. This is a process of dedicating and investing hard work to achieve career goals.

The main purpose of this philosophy is to ensure a career progression framework, while the prospects of professional and personal development are guaranteed. Hence its value in attracting and retaining talent. In this article, we will address the potential of career planning, acknowledging the importance of maintaining human and intellectual capital happy and motivated.

Career Management: why and to whom?

The Future of Talent 2021 is a study conducted by LinkedIn which sought to identify trends and insights that would help businesses and workers find growth and opportunity in a changing world. According to the giant that holds the biggest social media platform specialized in professional networking, the investment and strategy of Human Resources Departments are assuming different shapes due to new market trends. One of the main study conclusions suggests that organizations are spending more resources on three territories: 44% of companies surveyed indicated that investment has raised on employee engagement and well-being, 39% on training and development, and 35% on compensation and benefits.

The responsibilities of HR are crucial to an organization’s success. The investment in a career progression program has enormous potential in the medium to long-term and is genuinely valuable for both organization and individual success.

Career Planning plays a strategic role in developing a strategic corporate branding and should become a commitment in the workplace. Many organizations fail to see the logic behind this, but the truth is that this philosophy helps attracting and retaining the right talent, while thwarting the “exodus” of the most valuable employees.

Growing professionally at PrimeIT

In addition to the salary, it’s impossible to deny that organizations that provide their personnel with great job benefits and a healthy work culture, obtain a stronger employee commitment and loyalty. Which can mean less employer turnover.

PrimeIT, as an IT consulting company, is pioneer in the relationship with its employees. Their happiness and well-being are our top priority. We believe and invest in employee engagement to increase productivity, because when someone feels valued within the company, there is no reason to shift the status quo.

Across all PrimeIT departments, we try to promote a subject that is often undervalued: the emotional salary, an issue that money cannot buy. Thus, to attract and maintain our employees, we provide a package that, in addition to an incentive plan and internal activities, a work-life balance, a positive work environment and continuous training, involves a career progression plan and growth opportunities as well.

Duarte Meneses, PrimeIT’s HR Manager, reveals that there is a well-structured career development plan: “this system is communicated even during the recruitment stage, ensuring a mutual expectation alignment even before the candidate becomes an actual member of the team. It is vital to guarantee a long-term vision.”

Is your career heading in the right direction?

Career management is a process that can be explored from the perspective of the organization as from the employee’s point of view (as a goal he sets for himself).

Proactive career actions are essential for individuals to build their careers and fulfill their goals. Rather than only respond to occasions, this dynamic attitude takes advantage of new opportunities and challenges along their professional path.

“There is room for an individual to create his/her own path within their personal and professional preferences, thus reconciling the expectations of the employee with those of the Organization. Whether in the area for which he was first hired, or in other business departments, internal mobility also represents a way to guarantee the idea of personal and professional development, constantly motivating teams to develop new skills”, concludes PrimeIT’s HR Manager.

Therefore, for an intelligent and efficient career management, there are important issues such as:

Planning and self-knowledge: think about your job and career goals. Write them down;

Goal setting: become the designer of your own success;

Focus and progress: expand or develop your soft and hard skills. Invest in knowhow that improves your current position and develops your abilities for a better chance at future opportunities;

Share your career goals with your superiors: clear and objective communication ensures efficient and genuine expectation alignment;

Networking: nurture a network of connections… not just contacts. Use LinkedIn to improve your own Personal Marketing.